Appliance Installation and Sales in Middlewich, Cheshire

Bryan's Domestic Appliance Services Ltd in Middlewich, Cheshire, is pleased to offer you professional appliance sales and expert appliance installations.

A repaired oven door

Annual Service

Once a year, let our appliance repair technician check over your machine for hose and door seal deterioration. He will also perform an electrical test, ensuring everything is tightly bolted on the machine.


To complement our repair services, we also provide professional appliance sales.

If for any reason your appliance is beyond repair, our expert can condemn it, provide you with a price for a new unit, place the order, remove the old unit, and then install the new unit for you. For washing machines, the price includes delivery and installation, and our prices are always competitive. No repairs are performed without your consent after we provide a quote.

Letting Agencies

All of our services, including repair, sale, and servicing of all domestic appliances, is available to letting agencies.

CONTACT US in Middlewich, Cheshire, to learn more about our Domestic appliance sales and request a service for installation at your home.